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HU Watercooler Talk ~ January 10, 2018
Most Read

Hospitality Upgrade: 2017 Most Read

You read, we counted: here are Hospitality Upgrade's top articles for 2017! 
Missed a great one or want to reread a favorite? Catch them below!

1. Housekeeping Technology Cleaning Up | Dan Phillips, Spring 2017
     Housekeeping represents the largest payroll department of a hotel. In "Housekeeping Technology Cleaning Up," Phillips explains how improved efficiency provides better control over profitability. 

2. Desperately Seeking Data Science | Kelly McGuire & Natalie Osborn, Summer 2017
     Rather than simply jumping on the data science bandwagon, in "Desperately Seeking Data Science," McGuire and Osborn will help you define and position your data-related challenges before you run off to "get some data science."

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Hospitality | Brendon Granger, September 2017 Tech Talk
     The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in hospitality might once have been envisaged as part of some distant future, but it’s now making its way into the hotels of today – helping to improve internal efficiency, price rooms and enhance the guest experience. Brendon Granger looks at the different ways AI is being implemented right now by hotels around the world.

4. Hotel Wi-Fi and Property Networks – A HITEC 2017 Review | Natalie Doyle Oldfield & Alex Ajdelsztajin, August 2017 Tech Talk
     HITEC Toronto showcased many new technologies and services for the hospitality industry. Great companies exhibited and discussed their products and offerings with hoteliers. Natalie Doyle Oldfield and Alex Ajdelsztajin chat about the most impressive technology solutions for the hotel Wi-Fi and property network space.

5. The Future of Hotel Wi-Fi | Coleen Carey, November 2017 Tech Talk
     Today’s hotel guests expect a homelike Wi-Fi encounter. As this “instant-on” experience becomes table stakes for hotels to compete for guest loyalty, it also opens the door to a revolution in delivering a more personalized guest service. Coleen Carey shares how to best serve your guests a seamless and familiar Wi-Fi experience.

6. The Central Role Voice AI Will Play in Our Future | Brendon Granger, November 2017 Tech Talk
     Today, a growing number of brands believe that AI assistants have the power to enhance the guest experience. But the sentiment isn’t shared by all. Brendon Granger reviews the transition of technology in guestrooms and the influence it could have in the hotel-guest relationship.

7. RMS Providers, Pick Up Your Game and Engage! | Neal Fegan, Fall 2017
     In "RMS Providers, Pick Up Your Game and ENGAGE!" Fegan explains how taking advantage of today's advanced technology can go a long way in increasing revenue management system user engagement, thus increasing hotel revenue.

8. Integrated Resort Technology: A Look Around and a Look Forward | Heather Monteiro, Ph.D, Summer 2017
    Heather Monteiro provides an updated look toward technologies that are currently a big focus for gaming resorts and hotels and what's still in a holding pattern in "Integrated Resort Technology: A Look Around and a Look Forward."

9. The Evolution of the Guestroom TV | Brendon Granger, April 2017 Tech Talk
     From a 21-inch TV with limited channels to 4K TVs with endless streaming capabilities, the guestroom TV is rapidly changing. Brendon Granger talks about the future of the hotel TVs and the potential for technology changes in the hotel room.

10. A Look Back at HITEC 2017 Toronto Door Locking Trends | Geoff McDowell, August 2017 Tech Talk
     While there was no major theme across the electronic door locking vendor space the way mobile was the big deal in 2016 when everyone was either showcasing a mobile key or announcing it would be coming soon, there were several interesting technology and business-related developments to report.

11. How Hotels Can Enhance the Guest Experience With Beacon Technology | Brendon Granger, August 2017 Tech Talk
     Understanding and anticipating individual guest needs lies at the heart of offering a superior hotel experience. So how does beacon technology work, and what specific ways can it be deployed for maximum benefit? Brendon Granger covers the basics and what to consider to maximize its value.

12. The 2017 Traveler's Hotel Preference | Umar Riaz, Summer 2017
     According to a recent study, private accomodating companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway continue to gain recognizable market traction with today's travelers, even as hotels remain the preferred lodging choice. Umar Riaz highlights this report in "The 2017 Travelers Hotel Preference."

13. The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation: What Steps Must Members of the Hospitality Industry Take? | Sam Crochet, June 2017 Tech Talk
     U.S. companies collect, analyze and leverage consumer data to optimize efficiency, advertise and hopefully, increase profits. However, with the rise of data breach incidents, varying laws and consumer demand pressure companies to secure networks, scrutinize vendor usage and be transparent with "collection practices." Sam Crochet takes a closer look into the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

14. Verizon's 10th Annual Data Breach Investigations Report Details the Changing Cyber Threat Landscape | Ron Hardin, April 2017 Tech Talk
    In the 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), Verizon presented a detailed picture of the nature of cybercrime in the past year. Ron Hardin discusses big findings as well as ways to protect your information from the next hack.

15. PART 2: The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation: Two Important Steps to Take | Sam Crochet, July 2017 Tech Talk
     Sam Crochet returns in "PART 2: The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation: Two Important Steps to Take" to discuss two key requirements of the GDPR that supervisory authorities will be monitoring (and enforcing) closely: consent and breach notification.

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